At Bear Cubbies, we are about making cubbies by hand, the old fashion way and bringing them to you at  a fair price.

We don't waste our money on fancy advertising. We don't drive flash cars but we don't skimp on materials either.

Our cubbies are cleverly simple: All you need for peace of mind, no gimmicks.

That allows us to offer you the best price possible for a proper cubby.

By that we mean a well built cubby. One that will take knocks and bumps. Something solid that the kids will be safe in.

We use real wood. The natural stuff, and colorbond steel for the roof.

And real nails to keep the lot together.

There's plenty of toys out there, that pretend to be cubbies. Often from places like China.

Fancy pictures and plenty of snake oil. Timber that falls apart if you touch it with a feather and asphalt roofs that hardly last a year.  Don't know about the sun in China, but out here it hits hard and a plasticky roof will not protect you.

Our roofs have built in ventilation. They don't leak and the cat can walk on them without falling through...

Our timber is the same stuff they use on fences around where you live. Tough and lasting.

We have been making cubbies for almost 15 years, right here in Melbourne.

In fact, chances are that one of our cubbies is in a street near you.